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Oct 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
're not headed to san francisco, but their actual destination is up in the air. it could be either st. louis or atlanta. the guys say they don't have a preference where they go. they're looking forward to a little r&r. >> to have a day and a half off to relax will be nice. spend some time with the family, get some good dinners and get ready to go. >> relax and prepare for the post season and try to do the same things we've been doing all year and not worry about who we're going to play. >> the baltimore orioles needing a win against the rays to stay in the hunt for the al east title. but they ran into a roadblock named evan l o longoria. now, on this final day of the season, history was made once again at nationals park. not only did the nats wind up with the best record in baseball, but teddy roosevelt ended his 6th year losing streak. in the president's race in the middle of the 4th, good old teddy finally came out victorious. perhaps it could be an ohman of what is to come. zimmerman hit a homerun. we asked zim about the win after the game. >> i'm so glad teddy won so we can stop talking
Oct 13, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in just a little while when it arrives at the california science center. >>> in san francisco, a bachelor party was cut short when the group's 40 foot boat hit a rock and began taking on water. the coast guard and several smaller boats came to the rescue. all 18 passengers and four crew members were taken to shore safely. the groom said most of his friends didn't mind the mishap. >> i think i was the only one concerned because i don't like boats, but everyone else was loving it. i was loving it once we got off the boat that wasn't sinking. so now i'm cool with it. >> the coast guard is pumping water out of the boat before toeing it back to -- towing it back to shore. >>> three los angeles police officers were hurt when their squad car went airborne. it crashed through a fence and ended up on top of a second vehicle in a neighborhood driveway. tonight the officers are listed in fair condition. investigators are trying to figure out what caused that crash. >>> actor and tv host gary collins died. he was 74. the coroner's office in biloxi, mississippi, says the actor who also served as forme
Oct 16, 2012 11:00pm EDT
seeverage team findy found them. >>> new tonight, hundreds of people filled san francisco city hall honoring a hometown hero killed half a era away. he and three other americans were murdered last month during an attack in ben ghazi. he went to college at berkeley and dedicated his life to serving his country. we also gather to celebrate. the immense accomplishments this man has made for us. >> that attack is under investigation including whether or not the security was insufficient. >> tonight, health workers in virginia report a second person has now died of mention jilt tills linked -- meningitis linked to steroids. agents from the fda and the justice department raided that facility, looking for evidence regarding the tainted drugs. members of congress want to know whether the company violated any laws or regulations. the nationwide meningitis outbreak killed at least 15 people and made more than 200 others sick. >>> did president obama and mitt romney tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth tonight? unlikely. we'll take you back to usa today to see what the fact checkers have to say.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)